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Careers at JGPSolutions

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PPC Specialist Job Description:

We are looking for Professional PPC Specialists to run or create paid campaigns to get better results for our clients. He is also able to work with our team to fulfill client requirements easier.

PPC Specialist Responsilities

PPC Specialist Qualifications and Skills

Social Media Specialist Job Description

We are looking for An Active Social Media Specialist to join our creative team. You will be responsible for creating social media campaigns and the day-to-day management of the company’s social media properties. Your passion for social media as a communications tool will result in the adoption and implementation of social media best practices across all social media channels.

Social Meida Specialist Responsibilities

Social Media Specialist Qualifications and Skills

App Developer Job Description

We are looking for a Experience Application Developer to design and code functional programs and applications.

App Developer Responsibilities

App Developer Qualifications and Skills

Graphic Designer Job Description

We are looking for a Creative Graphic Designer to join our Company. The Designer must coordinate with our team as well as be able to give new ideas.

Graphic Designer Responsibilities

Graphic Designer Qualifications and Skills

Content writer Job Description

We are looking for a Sensible Content Writer to create content for blogs, articles, product descriptions, social media, and the company website.

Content Writer Responsibilities:

Content writer Qualifications and Skills

SEO Specialist Job Description

We are looking for SEO Specialists for our Company who can analyze, review and implement changes to websites so they are optimized for search engines. This means maximizing the traffic to a site by improving page rank within search engines.

SEO Specialist Responsibilities

SEO Specialist Qualifications and Skills

Web Developer Job Description

We are looking for skilled Web Developers to be responsible for managing websites between the server and user.

Web Developer Responsibilities

Web Developer Qualifications and Skills

Web Designer Job Description:

We are looking for a professional Web Designer to create amazing user experiences for our Clients. The Candidate should have an eye for clean and artful web design. They should also have high level user interface design skills.

Web Designer Responsibilities:

Web Designer Qualifications and Skills: