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Digital Marketing services for International schools to increase the Admissions

  • JGP Solutionos
  • 13th March 2020
  • Digital Marketing

There is a tremendous change in most of the sectors, all thanks to this digital era and its benefits. The world has come a long way in terms of technology and digital awareness, and hence it has become quite a lot more simpler than it used to be.

With the advent of digital marketing on such an enormous scale, there is hardly any sector left untouched by it. While opting for a digital marketing agency, be mindful that it caters to your needs as there are many app development agencies in Hyderabad , and also web designing service agencies.

Coming to the education sector, there has been a lot going on since the past decade. Education is not just limited to one thing now a days, and has engulfed most of the activities that were far from thought in the last decade. The competition among various schools/ educational institutions also are at an all time high. All thanks to the publicity and propaganda the international schools do, via digital media, that people become much more interested in admitting their wards there. With neck to neck competition each day, hiring a good digital marketing agency that can double up as an app development agency and also help as web designing service agencies in Hyderabad .
Few pointers to keep in mind while opting for digital marketing for international schools

1. Responsiveness is the key

Not just creating a website will do the job, you have to have a responsive website. When people search for any international school, there will be so many schools websites that might appear. But to appear on the first few searches, and even after getting the adequate footfall, you have to maintain it. This can only be achieved by hiring a good digital marketing agency .

2. Growing your market presence with Social media marketing

Not just with starting and setting up a website, but also making your presence felt with constant visibility across the search engines, whenever a user decides to search for any educational institutions. These days people spend a lot of time on various social media platforms . Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram advertising help to boost the footfall tremendously. You can create a Facebook page for the school, this is the first step towards attracting people towards your site. Next in line is marketing through Instagram and LinkedIn. This adds further edge to your school over other schools offering similar education and facilities.

3.Focus on local SEOs

Due to security and safety reasons, parents are highly concerned about their kids these days. So, in this scenario, local SEOs will help you as parents prefer schools nearer to their location.

4.PPC Management

Generally All the establishments go with Pay per click strategy. You can benefit a lot from this if your content is eye catchy, and you use correct key words and phrases strategically. Choosing many keywords is the key and it derives best result with less money.

5. Immediate conversions with advertising campaigns

Create ads on various search engines like bing or Google. Plan creatively as campaigns on search engines that help in great conversions. By using exact demographics you can reach the desired parents and students.

6. Creative content marketing

Using Your photos of school, activities, infrastructure, staff, etc on various platforms can give an everlasting impression on the minds of people and in turn help in increasing admissions.

7. Remarketing

This is one of the best strategies of digital marketing. Remarketing is nothing but marketing your academia with the people who have previously visited your site. You already have their data analytics in the system and market them your services so that they get influenced and take up your services.

Benefits of digital marketing for educational institutions
that help in increasing the admissions

  • Year on year more influx of enrollments
  • Benefits to the students from extracurricular
  • It is cost effective
  • It yields high revenue

Conclusion - Once you cast your responsibility of digital marketing on agency, be sure of getting higher admissions and a good footfall for your website as the content is in accordance with SEO guidelines.