Social media marketing in 2021: Opportunities and challenges

  • JGP Solutions
  • 22nd Jan 2021
  • Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing is foam to market their products and company’s name. Social media providing companies to reach new customers through different strategies while engaging with old customers. Globally, companies are preferring social media to promote their companies and adapting new marketing strategies to get new opportunities.

According to the recent studies, two third of large companies use social media for marketing. Technology has grown to a new level. It is creating opportunities for small to large business. Social media marketing helps you get the customers from all over. It is wide range marketing. All you need to work through is a healthy perceptive about your business and able to put about business in words in social media. It gives assistance to boost your profile and can reach to different customers.

Always use social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and etc., to get consumers along with interacting with them. Appreciable marketing on the networks can be a helping hand to bring remarkable success to your business. According to researchers, Marketing campaigns like product development, sales and market research about their products can be a major step for their growth.


In Social media generation, new opportunities come into life every single. We must adapt these new functions and run our company according to it. It is important to keep up with the new evolution to grow your business.
In order to get your work done through social media all you need is mobile, Laptop, tab and internet connection. The faster the connection, the faster the opportunities and the faster you reach your goal.

  • Interact with the target customers directly
  • Find new ideas
  • Keep track of old and new customers
  • Bring attention to your website or blog
  • User social media advertising unit
  • Make use of referrals for influencers
  • Utilize video formats or posts to promote

Social media is the cheap and effective way to market about your company. One important factor for social media market is content. Sharing the right amount of content about your brand on social media networks. Using proper strategies to get customers allow traffic and get branding to achieve your goal.

Always consider keywords and hash tags. These are the basic tips you should follow to allow traffic to your website. Competitive research to get content ideas that will interest in customers. Sharing related links for influencers with valuable content helps to grow business. Tracking the new and old customers as well as keep checking the correct keywords assists you through to get the valuable information.

Social media tools and location based tools extraordinary way for gaining growth. Developing social media strategies using PR can bring enormous amount of customers and can kick-off since starting. PR strategies nothing but talking about your business and think about it positively.


Social media is extreme powerful tool which promotes almost every business and their objectives. There are so many small to large scale businesses that look for their consumers for their branding.Many companies look for their social media branding, only few get to implement their strategies.
When you conduct the campaign for business, if you don’t have someone who is able to manage social media campaign it can duct your time and value. Social media can be quite challenge for the one whom only depends on these networks. If you can’t use right platform to promote your brand it is time consuming and time wasting.

There are few challenges you could face while social media marketing which follows down below:
  • What do you want to achieve using social media?
  • How do you achieve?
  • What are the platforms to use while doing social media marketing?
  • How original and transparent is your business?
  • Keeping up with the new strategies
  • Aligning the different departments to different platforms
  • Analysing the performance
  • Achieving genuine engagement and connections
  • Consistence
  • Limiting social media budget
  • Lack of sufficient time to create and discover content

Another great challenge is to getting struck and not getting proper idea to generate content. Because social media changes as fast as we blink an eye which is why it is impossible to come up with new ideas. Finding the right tool to track the data retailed to business is quite challenging. And also we need to keep the data private. To satisfy all these we need a powerful tool.

You need to have clear idea bout negative comments you get because not matter how much we try it is impossible to satisfy everyone. So, try your best to satisfy everyone and take measure about negative feedback about your business.

When it’s comes to small business, getting customers is tough. And sharing too many and too much content doesn’t affect much to your business. Staying up-to-date can be demanding. It could be changing into different platforms. Getting to know your audience is also difficult if it isn’t from both sides.

You could always work though this using legal actions and proper measures with understanding staff. Experts always suggest it is best to interact with customers and regular updating helps your business grows. Most important part is using right tool for your business and correct tool to track your data along with data privacy.