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10 quick rules for having a great social media marketing strategy

  • JGP Solutions
  • 9th April 2020
  • Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become a boon for all the businesses, be it micro, small medium or large. Not just this but it has also proven to be of great help to educational institutions healthcare sector etcetera. With all these advancements in digital marketing, there is another aspect that needs special mention and that is social media marketing.

Just like digital marketing, social media also has grown by leaps and bounds. These days, when most of us are constantly on our smartphones, it is quite practical to market your products and services on social media. In digital marketing, this has a specific name, and that is termed as social media marketing. This has proven to be a game changer in terms of advertising.

When you have decided to go the digital marketing way, it becomes inevitable to take the support of social media. And social media has the power to reach millions at just one click. This helps you to mark your online presence quite easily yet effectively.

Here are 10 quick rules for having great social media strategy

1. Great content

This Has to be the first and foremost rule in any kind of marketing. Be it email marketing, social media marketing or any other thing. Great content always helps you draw the attention of many people at once. Not only this, great content has to be SEO friendly, so that it can attract a major chunk of people towards it, and also retain them. Great content requires good research, and even good writing skills and basic knowledge of SEO. And, if you are doubtful of any of these, you can easily hire digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad.

2. Updating is the key

Not Just good content, but also timely updating with various updates is necessary for the traffic to be good. A good footfall requires updating the content on a regular basis as the readers must be kept in loop about the latest happenings. This particular thing not only helps to increase footfall, but also helps in maintaining loyalty.

3. Linking makes good sense

Providing backlinks and referral links in your content, can give an edge over the others. This not only helps you get a good footfall for the existing article but also for the article that you have backlinked. This creates a good impression on the minds of readers and they will keep coming back to your site.

4. Identify the cult

Basic rule in managing a social media presence is identifying the types of audience and the effectiveness of various platforms. Not all social media platforms are suitable for all kinds of marketing. Like LinkedIn is meant for a different working sector of people, Instagram can be considered for a much casual approach and Facebook is used for most of the audience

5. Staying focused on your purpose

With So many new tools coming every day, it is obvious that we might deviate from any new social marketing tool that comes in the market. But the key here is to continue developing what you are irrespective of any novel too that comes in the market. Staying focused on purpose is the main objective here.

6. Listen to your clients

Social media has one more advantage, and that is communication. With communication, social media can bring you and customers on the same page. We mean, you can give a patient ear to your customers complaints and grievances, and also offer solutions to their difficulties.

7. Cross promote

What does this mean? This means promoting large content over various platforms albeit in different formats. For example, promotion across Instagram is different from promotion on Facebook and LinkedIn is completely different. Cross promotion is the key when you have large content and want to promote it as quickly as possible.

8. Local promotion

Social media is too powerful and so, when you want to promote your products and services locally, there is no better way to do it than social media. It can help you in finding the nearest audience and customers and help you in making your local presence felt.

9. Opt for social media marketing agency

When you are skeptical about your content, or reach. Opt for a social media marketing agency that helps you in setting up your websites to going all out in promotion of the desired services. Social media marketing agency takes care of all the aspects with diligence and helps you to gain the brand name and reputation quite smoothly and effectively without much hassles.

10. Connect connect and more connect

This Has to be a really simple rule yet has more advantages than one. Not just customers but also you can connect with influencers and leaders in your industry that help your business flourish.

Social media has been a blessing in disguise for almost all the businesses.
Here are few advantages of it, in various sectors

  • In healthcare, social media can be used to share live videos of any procedures. Or a webinar with healthcare professionals can also be conducted via social media. You can vouch for your services through video testimonials of clients and patients that again help you profusely
  • In designing services, you can include a tour of your project on social media and help the clients to be aware of your services on offer.
  • In the educational sector, you can provide a detailed explanation on the social media page of the institution and include various testimonials of students too.
  • All in all, social media marketing is a cakewalk if utilized correctly.