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Terms and Conditions

This is condition between clients and JGP, In order to use our JGP Solutions service client must firstly agree to the terms these are the standard terms and condition to manage your product service according to your plan. These terms will be applied fully and affected to your service. By reading this clients should agree to accept all term and conditions written here.

1. Term of agreement

This is contract between client and JGP to provide service as indicated in this agreement. The services will commence upon completed, signed agreement and will continue until project as terminated pursuant to this agreement.

The client’s responsibility for all reasonable expense necessary to effectively provide its services under this agreement. From JGP clients gets every updates report about project. The client cannot cancel the project services to another vendor before the notice period of 10 business days. A person who is not a party to the Contract shall not have any rights under or in connection with it.

2. Payment

The parties hereby agree to the scheduled payment plan as to the declaration of JGP Solutions. The payment shall preferably make to the JGP in accordance to the mode as indicated in the payment plan, but in case the client may choose his method of payment to his convenience.

The client and JGP solutions concedes with a statement of a service providing, clients are liable to pay 50% of amount as per plan in advance. The remaining 50% installment should be made after the 7 days after JGP start the service with clients. If the clients miss any installment payment as expected by JGP agreement the service will terminate. In this case JGP will not be liable to issue 10 days prior notice.

3. Privacy policy rights

Ensuring your privacy is important to us. We do not share your personal information with third parties. Third party service providers have access to personal information only as needed to perform their functions and they must process the personal information in accordance with privacy policy. JGP disclose your personal information to any third party with your prior consent.

If the data on internet is inherited or hacked in insecure way in that regard JGP is not guaranteed. To optimize your site JGP may use your cookies and to track the browsing information and to see the statistical data JGP may use.

4. Liability

JGP Solutions won't be responsible for any indirect or consequential losses thanks to delay in obligated service deliverables, where the delay is due to natural or ungovernable causes.

The clients will defend, cover and hold JGP Solutions harmless from and against any and every one claims, losses, liabilities and expenses associated with the services provided by JGP Solutions to the clients under this agreement, including without limitation claims made by third parties associated with any false advertising claims, liability claims for products or services sold by the client, claims for patent, copyright or trademark infringement, claims thanks to disruption or malfunction of services provided, or for any content submitted by you for publication by JGP Solutions .

Due to the character of digital media, any content / information given by the clients to JGP Solutions for publication are going to be accessible by the general public as soon because the publication is administered. JGP Solutions won't be liable for screening the fabric and any damages or losses of profit, goodwill or any business asset thanks to the character of content being publicized.

5. Waiver

If at any time during the term of a contract , we fail to insist upon the strict performance of any of your obligations under the contract or any of those terms and conditions, then this may not automatically free you from any of the obligations mentioned within the terms and conditions and cannot constitute a waiver.

Any waiver of term and condition are going to be valid officially as long as it's communicated to you in writing.

6. Natural Services

All substance and substance connecting made by Provider and living on the Client's site are viewed as possessed by the Client if every single Organic Service are come up with all required funds. All substance and substance connecting made for the Client living on non-Client sites will never again be effectively overseen and the substance will lapse dependent on the strategy, procedure, and technique of every site. Standard administrations, for example, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and so forth used to oversee natural conveyances will have managerial access progressed to the Client.

7. Social Services

All materials made by Provider and posted on the Client's social pages are viewed as claimed by the Client if every single Social Service is come up with all required funds. Standard social policies, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Google account, and so forth used to oversee social conveyances will have managerial access progressed back to Client.

8. Web Services

All content and content linking created by Provider and residing on the Client’s website are considered owned by the Client if all Web Services are paid fully , and therefore the Initial Term of the Agreement has been met including Web Hosting and Maintenance requirements. The Client web site(s) hosted and maintained by Provider requires Web Hosting or Web Maintenance services to stay the online site active. If there's no agreement for these Services and ownership terms are met, the Provider upon request from Client will provide Client with an electronic copy of the content created by Provider.

9. Paid Services

All advertising content created by Provider and posted for the Client is taken into account owned by the Client if all Paid Services are paid fully . Campaigns can't be transitioned, but the info and configuration are often transitioned to the Client upon request by Client.

If this Agreement is signed by an advertising agent for Client, said agency represents and warrants that it's authorized to sign this Agreement on behalf of its client. it's further understood and agreed that agency is jointly and severally responsible for the Client’s obligations, including payment.