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The role of Whatsapp Business in Social Media Marketing

  • JGP Solutions
  • 16th April 2020
  • Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has taken the world by storm and why not? Digital marketing has all the aspects necessary for a perfect marketing strategy, in today's day and age. Coming to social media marketing, which is an important part of digital marketing, it has given the marketing industry the tremendous facelift it needed. Along with Facebook , LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp also has a major role to play in the success of marketing. As many people are majorly dependent on WhatsApp for anything small or big, it makes great sense to include WhatsApp marketing in your strategy to reap maximum benefits. And , if you are ever doubtful about your strategy, it is always better to hire a good digital marketing agency for its services and reap maximum benefits out of digital marketing strategies.

As per statistics, around 18.8 billion people throughout the world are active users of WhatsApp. And it is estimated that around 25 billion people will be active users till 2021. With so much going on around WhatsApp, why not use it to our advantage and start WhatsApp marketing?

Advantages of WhatsApp marketing

It is free of cost, and easily accessible even with just a smartphone. It is helpful as it can easily share large number of files, images , graphics etc People are active on it most of the time, making it more connecting than any other media. You can also call, have a video chat or simply place a call via WhatsApp. All this is hassle free on WhatsApp.

Ways in which WhatsApp marketing can help your business

1. Real time service

When it comes to creating a loyal foothold of customers, WhatsApp can help you in more ways than one. You can give a personal touch and feel to the conversation with customers by video calling, chats and calls with them. You can also use WhatsApp web , that is desktop version of WhatsApp easily accessible on various devices.

2. Advantage or groups

This is by far the best feature of WhatsApp. Groups can have a maximum of 256 members, and are of great help if you are planning an event or sale. You can have separate groups for your clients, employees etc or have a combined one, and have meaningful conversations in the group by taking into account everyone's point of view. Groups also come in handy when you have to announce certain important things related to all.

3. Cross platform advantage

People Who are not even active on any other social media can be reached through WhatsApp. A cross promotion of your services/ products across various platforms with the help of WhatsApp will give you an edge over others.

4. Broadcast lists

Anyone who has your number saved can see your broadcast list. Any message in the broadcast list, when replied will result in one on one conversation. This increases engagement. Sending links attachments also is one way to boost your sales eventually

5. Interactive and interesting offers

Broadcast your innovative offers as a status and let all the people, who have saved your number, know about those.

Here are few other tips

  • Be creative with your content on WhatsApp
  • Be informative with short and crisp information
  • Stay well informed about various policies regarding business accounts of WhatsApp.
  • Make your contacts save your number so that they are well aware of the latest updates.


With dynamic changes in WhatsApp, and other social media you have to be alert and on your toes all the time for keeping up the pace of the fastest growing digital marketing agency to reap maximum benefits out of it.