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Top 7 Digital Marketing tips for Small business owners?

Top 7 Digital Marketing tips for Small business owners?

  • JGP Solutionos
  • 5th Feb 2020
  • Digital Marketing

Small business units are primarily businesses that are operated on a small scale with a sole objective of earning profits. Though the scale is small, they definitely need marketing to achieve maximum profits. Marketing of products is nothing but promotion of products and convincing prospective customers that your products are much better than those of your competitors. This requires a thorough market search and thus marketing forms a crucial part and parcel of the business.

Earlier, small businesses used to opt for traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is the oldest form of marketing that includes

  • Word of mouth publicity
  • Pamphlets
  • Advertisements on TV/ Radio
  • Loud speaker propaganda via various auto-motives

The above methods of marketing soon are becoming extinct as they are mundane and require more resources than actual cost of production, when in small business units. Slowly, majority of business units are transitioning towards digital marketing route, that involves promotion of products via digital media and devices. This is opted mostly because it is

  • Cost effective
  • Quick
  • Reliable
  • Crosses demographic barriers
  • Has prove to achieve maximum ROI.

Now, coming to digital marketing, Now that small businesses are opting for digital marketing, here are Top 7 Digital Marketing tips for Small business owners.

1. SEO is the key!

With so many websites churning out various different content and blog every minute, it becomes a task to make your content appear in reader's searches. Make sure your content is Local SEO friendly. That means,using appropriate key words in your content, that makes it SEO friendly and rich in content. This makes your content and products appear in the first few searches of readers. This is the first and foremost tip given to at small business opting for digital marketing as this will create a maximum ROI for them with lest investment.

2. Make it interesting

It is noted that the average attention span of an human is just about 8 seconds. With such a minuscule attention span, we have to grab their attention for maximum time possible. This can hardly be possible with words, as only words can never make a huge difference, but visuals can make a drastic impact on any customer's mind. The visuals may include a short description about the products with relevant images. Such visuals/ videos can be easily marketed through various digital media on social networking sites too like twitter, Facebook or Instagram can also include personal testimonials of happy cusomers or patrons in the later years that advertise on behalf of you and thus convince a prospective customer.

3. Why not enhance your profile?

Just like you have your personal profiles on various social media platforms, You can create a similar one for your business too. This gives you a cut above the rest and customers rely more on your business when an enhanced profile is present. Create a profile keeping in mind your various business policies and services/ products on offer. This can direct customers to various pages of their choice. This not only acts as a catalyst in your sales, but also reassures prospective customer that your business is running and very much in existence. Moreover, this profile also might contain your day to day blogs and content so as to keep your customers abreast with what you are doing and what is there on offer.

4. At times, Permission marketing is the right thing to do.

Permission marketing is literally marketing with prior permission from clients. This means, they can only receive your email , texts or other messages only if they have granted you the required permission. This not only helps you get in the good books of present clients, but also creates a great impression on new customers. Always, use this type of marketing only for the customers who opted for a yes when you had sent them the push notifications, by leaving out those who answered in a negative. This creates a lot of respect for your business and thus, it will slowly get a trustworthy name.

5. Email is the way!

When you want to promote your products/ services and want to offer a fairly lengthy description about the same. Then email marketing is the key. You can send monthly sign up news letters or promotional messages, with least cost. Some of the services used for e mail marketing are absolutely free. Thus, this makes a really budget friendly option for most of the small businesses.

6. Online Public Relation gives a boost

With the advent of YouTube and various other video sharing apps in abundance, it becomes quite easy to market your products and maintain online public relations. You can market the products either before the videos (known as pre roll) , in the middle (known as mid-roll) or at the end (known as post-roll). This do not require a heavy investment too, and is much helpful in captivating user's attention.

7. Local Markets

Focusing on local markets is advisable for small businesses as it targets local customers, whom you now mostly. Such markets are favorable as you know the exact demand of the people in your vicinity and also their reaction when they get more than what they had expected. If you are specifically dealing with delivery services, it becomes easy to cater to local markets as it is in the same vicinity thereby reducing further costs.